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Organization Name: ASTERYS LAB
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Program Type: ACTP
Program Hours: 130.50
Organization Description:
Asterys Systemic Team Coaching is the Asterys Lab course with which learn the homonymous  systemic coaching model dedicated to teams and organizations.

The ASTC model deals with teams from a systemic point of view, people are considered as elements of the system and the coach's work focuses above all on the connections, interactions and patterns that define and condition the system and therefore the performance of the team.

In particular, ASTC allows  Teams to be fully focused on the expected results and to achieve them effectively. This happens by transforming the "patterns" of the team and therefore the way the team operates, thinks and is, during the entire coaching process, both during the team coaching sessions and between one session and another.
Program Description:
Accredited Professional Coaching Mastery (Accredited PCM) is for those who want to learn in an international context, with an organization that since 2001 has organised training programmes in Italy, Europe and United States, and that has trained hundreds of coaches, some of the best professionals in the coaching field.
The Accredited PCM is focused on the development of skills and the acquisition of tools and knowledge that will allow you to engage clients in a transformational coaching process at both individual and organizational level; to master the coaching relationship in different situations and contexts; and to learn from trainers who have been coached CEOs and leadership teams of the major multinational organizations in Italy and abroad.
The Accredited PCM is designed to facilitate the participant's personal development to allow them to work with their clients at a deeper, transformational level. All activities are organized to stimulate a profound expansion of personal awareness of participants and the acquisition of basic and advanced professional skills to become an effective coach in a business context.
For more information about the levels, content and structure of the training programme, please visit
Locations of the workshop activities are MILAN and ROME, but we are available to set up an edition in other locations.
Phone: +39 06 97658694
Student Contact: Pier Paolo Colasanti, PCC
Phone: +390697658694
Learning Method: Combination
Language: English, Italian, Spanish
Coaching Specialties: Business/Organizations, Executive, Internal, Leadership, Small Business
Approval Start Date: April 28, 2016 Accreditation Renewal Date: July 31, 2023
Locations: Italy