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ICF does not offer training for becoming a coach. (We do offer professional development for practiced coaches.) As the accrediting body, we cannot recommend any specific training programs.

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For further information, please contact this training organization rather than the ICF office. The ICF recommends all approved programs equally and cannot recommend one program over another.

Organization Name: Farsi Coaching Academy (FCA)
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Program Name: Professional Coach Training Level 1
Program Type: Expired
Program Hours: 60.00
Organization Description:
FCA was established by Taymour Miri (MCC) in 2013 as the first professional coach training academy for Farsi speakers around the world.
We believe that everyone has their unique and special talents to create their best lives and is further fulfilled by supporting others to create their own.
Our mission is to provide the highest caliber of coach skills training and a platform for professionals to learn, share and grow in a community that serves both their personal and professional lives.
The group of professional trainers go through a rigorous continuous development program lead by Taymour Miri and are observed and mentored through their journey in alignment with our values.
FCA values include responsibility, integrity, growth, customer service and effective team work.

Program Description:
The 60 hour ACSTH program delivers 48 class hours with modules covering coach competencies including 11 hours of observed coaching where the students practice coaching competencies and are given feedback. A further 12 hours are for peer coaching as a coach practicing and receiving feedback from other students.

There is also an online community supporting one another on the learning journey. In addition all students receive 12 hours coaching from fellow students when starting the program to understand the impact of coaching and coach someone for 12 hours from outside the academy as part of practical experience gained during the program.

There is a support system within the student community for those starting the program and want to quickly settle into and benefit most from the training environment.
Organization: Farsi Coaching Academy (FCA)
Flat 17 Birley Lodge
No. 63 Acacia Road
Phone: +447786278838
Student Contact: Mrs. Nazanin Malekbikloo, Masters of Information system management, PCC
Phone: +44 7538194823
Learning Method: Combination
Language: English, Farsi
Coaching Specialties: Business/Organizations, Career/Transition, Executive, Leadership, Life Vision & Enhancement, Personal/Organizational, Small Business
Approval Start Date: July 29, 2016 Approval End Date: February 14, 2020
Locations: Iran
United Kingdom