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Organization Name: LM Desenvolvimento Pessoal, Profissional e Organizacional
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Program Name: Systemic Coaching
Program Type: CCE
Program Hours: Core: 20 Resource Development: 0 Total: 20
Organization Description:
LM Personal, Professional and Organizational Development.
The purpose of LM Desenvolvimento is to (de) involve Human Beings, People, Groups and Organizations, towards
Systemic and Multidimensional Awareness, to recreate and co-create a Better Living.
Program Description: Systemic Group Coaching
Path of conquest through the collective cooperation of Ser Grupal
Promote learning spaces to experience the context of Group Systemic Coaching to enhance the presence, listening and awareness of the dynamics of the group's morphic field to professionals who already act as Coach.
• Group Systemic Coaching: purpose, context and principles
• Ethics, trust and security in coaching processes in group systems
• Construction of the agreement in the group coaching process
• Awareness of informational morphic fields
• Increased presence, listening and evocation of group awareness
• The coaching agreement accompanying the entire growth and self-responsibility process of the group
• Systemic Group Coaching Tool: the operative group, multidimensionality and levels of group awareness
• Techniques of Systemic Coaching in Group: systemic questions, questions and systemic principles.
How the program is delivered
• 14 hours through synchronous learning through the Zoom live platform, with 07 experiential theoretical workshops of 2:00 am each
• 06 hours through asynchronous learning in practice groups to experience a Group Coaching practice.
• Total workload 20 hours
Leda Regis - PCC - Professional Certified Coach
Psychologist, Founding Partner of LM Desenvolvimento and the NGO CreSER. Specialist in Work Psychology by CRP / 03.
Coach certified as PCC Professional Certified Coach, by ICF - International Coaching Federation. Founding Member of the Bahia Chapter of ICF.
Master in Social Psychology / Work from USP / SP and Specializations in Operative Group, Organizational Therapy, Energetic Dynamics of Psychism, Facilitation and Helper of Pathwork, Family Constellations by Bert Hellinger and Systemic Business Consulting, Coaching and Organizational Constellations by Hoffmann & Partners Germany / Brazil. International Training in Executive Organizational Coaching / ACTP / Leading Group to Leonardo Wolk Company.
Creator of methodologies and author of the books Multireferencial Group: theory and practice in facilitating groups and Systemic Coaching. Co-author of the books: Systemic Leadership: a path to Transliderance, People Management and Being + Emotional Health: How Systemic Leadership influences emotional health.
Winner of the Human Being ABRH Bahia awards in 2008 with the case “New ways of promoting social projects” and Human Being of ABRH Nacional in 2009 with “Sustainable Management through the development of people”. And in 2015 winner of the Human Being award ABRH Bahia "Systemic Coaching - a path of conquests through SER".
REGIS, Leda. Systemic Coaching - A path of conquests through the SER. Salvador: Editora Cazulo, 2013.
REGIS, Leda. . Systemic Group Coaching - A path of conquests through SER Group. Count: Principia, 2019.
HELLINGER, Bert. The Essential is Simple. São Paulo: Atman Editora, 2004.
HELLINGER, Bert. Thoughts on the way. São Paulo: Atman Editora, 2005.
Organization: LM Desenvolvimento Pessoal, Profissional e Organizacional
Av. Tancredo Neves, 1283 - Ed. Omega - Sala 902
Caminho das Arvores
41820-021 Bahia
Phone: 71.3340.1841
Student Contact: Mrs. Leda Maria Regis
Phone: 71.3340.1841
Learning Method: Virtual
Language: Portuguese
Coaching Specialties: Coaching Other Coaches
Approval Start Date: December 4, 2016 Accreditation Renewal Date: January 31, 2024