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Organization Name: Universal Coach Institute
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Program Name: Solution-Focused Coach Training
Program Type: Expired
Program Hours: Core: 12 Resource Development: 0 Total: 12
Organization Description:
Universal Coach Institute trains and certifies individuals to become effective, transformational, and expert coaches and leaders.
“We aim to get you from where you are to where you want to be in your life and business.”
We will equip you to develop individuals, communities, and/or businesses to their maximum potential through affordable, hands-on, comprehensive and rigorous training with top-notch mentoring and support.
Program Description: UCI uses the Solution Focused approach to coaching.
Problems are viewed as challenges and something difficult to solve. Coaches can assist Clients to regain hope by focusing on the solution.
This program serves as UCI's foundation course in learning how to coach; how to set and attain goals, create action plans, and how to help your client achieve their level of success.
This program consists of extensive coaching skills training and student coaching practice
Solution-Focused Coach Training is an evidence-based model that is used by many therapists to help their clients solve problems. Learn how to use this model successfully in a coaching environment and with any niche.
Help your clients solve their deepest problems by focusing on the solution, not the problem. Learn UCI’s 10-Step Solution-Focused Coaching Model!
You will learn:
How to Run an Effective Solution-Focused Coaching Session
How to Focus on the Solution and Not the Problem
Use the "Future Perfect" to Discover What the Client Really Wants
Identify the Solutions, Even When It's Not Obvious to the Client
Solution-Focused Goal Setting
Solution-Focused Action Planning
How to Increase Your Client's Commitment to the Goal
How to Identify and Overcome Roadblocks Your Client May Have
How to Conduct Follow-up Sessions
Organization: Universal Coach Institute
320 W. Lanier Avenue
Ste 200
Fayetteville, GA 30214
Phone: 843-212-6824
Student Contact: Ayisha Amatullah
Phone: 843-212-6824
Learning Method: Virtual
Language: English
Coaching Specialties: Life Vision & Enhancement
Approval Start Date: November 1, 2017 Approval End Date: January 31, 2020