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Organization Name: Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute
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Program Name: Search Inside Yourself
Program Type: CCE
Program Hours: Core: 12 Resource Development: 1.5 Total: 13.5
Organization Description:
Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI) is a non-profit corporation with the mission of developing wise and compassionate leaders worldwide, thus creating the conditions for world peace. Our core programs were developed and tested within Google.
Search Inside Yourself (SIY) is a leadership program, using the tools of mindfulness and emotional intelligence training that blends cutting edge neuroscience with business practices. Our organizational culture is focused and creative – a company where individuals and teams can excel and thrive, learn and grow while balancing freedom and accountability. Staff is committed to walking the SIY talk. Our prime directive is radical generosity.
SIYLI works with clients as big as Google, SAP, and Ford, as well as delivering programs for open audiences all over the world.
Program Description: Search Inside Yourself uses attention and mindfulness training to help people build the emotional intelligence skills needed for sustained peak performance, strong collaboration, and effective leadership.
Taught over two days on location, the Search Inside Yourself (SIY) Program takes a science-based approach that combines neuroscience, mindfulness and emotional intelligence. Through these three disciplines, SIY helps participants integrate the key building blocks for well-being, collaboration, and leadership.
The program is highly interactive. It is approximately one-third content and two-thirds experiential exercises, including one-on-one and group conversations, attention-training practices, listening exercises, and writing activities.
Organization: Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute
1003 O'Reilly Avenue, Suite A
San Francisco, CA 94129
Phone: 954.804.4365
Student Contact: Lindsey Kugel
Phone: (415) 561-7851
Learning Method: In-Person
Language: Chinese, English, French, Spanish, Thai
Coaching Specialties: Business/Organizations, Executive, Leadership, Personal/Organizational
Approval Start Date: September 1, 2018 Approval End Date: September 30, 2020
Locations: Argentina
United Kingdom
United States
District of Columbia
New York