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Organization Name: A Wellness Revolution - Wellness Coach Institute
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Program Name: Certified Health & Wellness Coaching Course
Program Type: ACSTH
Program Hours: 86.00
Organization Description: A Wellness Revolution is committed to bringing new knowledge and understanding of the connections between the new science and an holistic vision of how to optimize health, wellness and balance through educational classes all over the world.
Similarly, we are committed to helping others in whatever transformational process they are searching for. Our educational platform addresses all levels of what nurtures and feeds us to help facilitate this transformation in a safe and easy manner. We are committed to training Wellness Coaches to prepare them for bringing these changes worldwide.
Our focus is on changing lifestyle habits and choices as well as spreading the critical new science on the planet, known as Glycobiology.
Program Description: The purpose of this course is to help practitioners and all those interested in
learning and developing coaching skill abilities based on holistic theories and
the new sciences of Epigenetics and Glycobiology. In this course, we look in
depth at how our cells function and the connections that are made between
mind, body and spirit. We will help you establish skills to create a coaching
business and help you practice your skills for coaching.
A Wellness Revolution is committed to bringing new knowledge and
understanding of the connections between the new science and a holistic vision
of how to optimize health, wellness, and rejuvenation focusing on prevention and integrative nutrition.
The goals of our classes in the field are:
• Learn to help people understand the concept of “Prevention”,
‘Rejuvenation” and “Healthy Aging” through education about how their
bodies function and how to truly love and care for themselves
• Developing Health & Wellness Coaching skills that are in accordance
with the ICF Core Competencies as well as the skills necessary to help
people find out who they are, where they are going and what they will
• Learn to help people to achieve Health & Wellness (balance in all
areas: emotionally, physically and spiritually) through coaching,
education and referrals for healing
• Develop tools as a Health & Wellness Coach to help clients reprogram
the subconscious based on Energy Psychology, EFT, Hypnotherapy
and Thought Field Therapy
• Learn to explain how important Nutrition is for optimal health to become
stronger and happier so that we are able to carry out our unique
missions here on earth. Being small and weak does no longer serve us
• Develop skills necessary for becoming an entrepreneur. Learning how
to begin, develop and maintain one’s own unique business
Organization: A Wellness Revolution - Wellness Coach Institute
14908 McIntosh Ct
20905 Silver Spring
Phone: 0647180650
Student Contact: Mrs. Cathleen Anne Beerkens, Registered Nurse,Polarity,Reconnective,Reflexology
Phone: 00131652000626
Learning Method: Virtual,In-Person
Language: English
Coaching Specialties: ADD/ADHD, Health & Fitness, Relationship, Spirituality, Other
Approval Start Date: December 14, 2018 Accreditation Renewal Date: July 31, 2022
Locations: Netherlands