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Organization Name: Think Brain Pty Ltd
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Program Name: Neuroscience Academy - Applied Neuroscience and Brain Health
Program Type: Expired
Program Hours: Core: 20 Resource Development: 7 Total: 27
Organization Description: Think Brain provides coaches, health and wellbeing practitioners, helping professionals with training in applied neuroscience, brain health and wellbeing. Think Brain was founded by Oxford University-educated neuroscientist, author and TV presenter Dr Sarah McKay who specialises in translating neuroscience research into smart actionable strategies for peak performance, creativity, health, and wellbeing. Think Brain’s flagship online learning program The Neuroscience Academy began providing online professional development programs in 2015 and has graduated over 750 students from around the globe. Think Brain is dedicated to helping professionals discover neuroscience and learn to use it wisely.
Program Description: The Neuroscience Academy program in Applied Neuroscience and Brain Health is a 12-week online education program for coaches, health and wellbeing practitioners and helping professionals.
The curriculum includes training in;
-brain anatomy and neurophysiology,
-neuroplasticity, brain development and brain ageing
-cognition and emotion
-the neurobiology of habits, motivation and behavioural change
-the neurobiology of mindfulness, placebo effects, creativity and intuition
-brain health fundamentals including nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress reduction, social connection and brain training.
The program consists of 17 lessons, summary notes and workbooks for every module, live Q&A coaching calls with Dr Sarah McKay, a handpicked library — including scientific papers, selected podcasts, books and interviews — for every lesson, and scientific literacy training — how to source, read and understand scientific literature and evidence.
Upon completion of the assessment quiz, students are awarded a Certificate of Completion in Applied Neuroscience and Brain Health.
The program is created and taught by neuroscientist, author and TV presenter Dr Sarah McKay and various key experts. Dr McKay trained in neuroscience at Oxford University and has an illustrious career as a science communicator specialising in translating brain science.
Organization: Think Brain Pty Ltd
6 Lae Place
Allambie Heights
Sydney, NSW 2100
Phone: +61412002226
Student Contact: Dr. Sarah McKay
Phone: +61412002226
Learning Method: Virtual
Language: English
Coaching Specialties: ADD/ADHD, Business/Organizations, Health & Fitness, Leadership, Life Vision & Enhancement, Relationship, Therapeutic/Alternative Services
Approval Start Date: May 1, 2019 Approval End Date: May 31, 2020