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Organization Name: Genco Coaching
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Program Name: Mentor Coaching for Mastery and Highly Evolved Coaching
Program Type: CCE
Program Hours: Core: 12 Resource Development: 0 Total: 12
Organization Description: Genco Coaching School of Consciousness (GCSC) operates under Genco Coaching LLC service umbrella as a professional development organization for coaches for the specific purpose of developing their efficacy through their credentialing process and for credentialed coaches to further develop their skill set. Classes are designed and lead by Tijen Genco, MCC, NBC-HWC. Genco Coaching School of Consciousness delivers customized coach trainings, mentor coaching in group or private setting, supervision, and specialized personal growth programs. Genco Coaching LLC methods has proven record of supporting students their credentialing process with high success rate. Genco Coaching LLC has open library of sample client recordings that demonstrate ICF Core Competencies for students to benefit from. Tijen Genco has 23 years of Fortune 100 Corporate internal coaching background; coaching and training high power executives, addressing different learning styles. Tijen has been trained in the PCC Markers Assessment System by the ICF and is an active ICF Assessor for MCC, PCC and ACC Performance Evaluation, as well as certified ICF Mentor. Tijen served at the board of ICF Philadelphia chapter as the VP of Professional Development and offers CEU trainings for ICF Global, ICF local chapters worldwide, and ACTO organizations. Tijen serves as faculty and mentor in the Academic environments. For more information, visit
Program Description: This program covers an in-depth understanding of the ICF Core Competencies and significantly deepen and enhance coaching capabilities through mentor guided coaching in the group environment and self-reflective practices with assigned homework.

Program is designed to support variety of adult learning styles and principles.

It serves as an advanced coach training for anyone wanting to further develop and deepen their skills as a coach in the art and science of coaching and acquire more CEUs. Tijen has been trained in the PCC Markers Assessment System by the ICF, and is an active ICF Assessor for MCC, PCC and ACC Performance Evaluation.

The program sessions are scheduled monthly, held every week for 1.5 hours per session and every session will have homework assignments. Upon successfully completing the program, attendees will have up to 6 group mentor coaching hours and/or 12 approved CCEs.

Ultimately, the benefit of mentor coaching is to increase your coaching confidence, your professional credibility as a coach, and your ability to continue to deepen and grow your coaching practice.

This program is helpful for those of you are interested in
• Learn masterful coaching from an ICF Master Certified Coach, experienced mentor coach, ICF MCC, PCC and ACC assessor and academic coach educator.
• Reach new levels of confidence and coaching expertise by self-reflections, observing and practicing.
• Be the client and receive complimentary coaching from the group participants under the supervision and guidance of the Master Certified Coach.
• Have fun learning and growth in a safe and supportive and caring environment.
• Flourish through the compassionate and loving group structure and the learning environment.
• Deepen your self-reflective practice and consciousness through the discussions as well as homework assignments that will enhance your coaching presence, evoking awareness as well as listening actively.
Organization: Genco Coaching
1805 Waterford Road
Yardley, PA 190675428
Phone: 484.301.5335
Student Contact: Ms. Tijen Genco, Master Black Belt, MCC, MS, NBC-HWC, E-RYT200, MCC
Phone: 4843015335
Learning Method: Virtual
Language: English
Coaching Specialties: Coaching Other Coaches, Executive, Health & Fitness, Internal, Life Vision & Enhancement, Spirituality, Therapeutic/Alternative Services
Approval Start Date: January 1, 2020 Approval End Date: January 31, 2021