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Organization Name: Fatih ELİBOL Live C&A
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Program Type: ACTP
Program Hours: 174.00
Organization Description:
Fatih Elibol was born in Istanbul Turkey. He completed his undergraduate studies at NYU Leonard N. Stern School of business, New York, with a double major in business administration and political economy. Following his master’s degree in business administration at Harvard University, Elibol is currently pursuing a PHD in psychology and a PHD in human development at Oxford University.

Elibol continued his career within the Trump Organization between 1996 – 2004. While he was working as a sales manager, he develop trainings to the sales and management teams with his own design of hypnotic sales, holistic success, self-programming and coaching.

Fatih Elibol met with coaching in 1996 with the accompany of Thomas Leonard, who is the founder of ICF. Within the coaching skills, he has developed different business models through different initiatives since 2000. Elibol has established his brand which is operating in 5 continents of the world with the business type franchise system in real estate sector. He has made a difference in the world through his hypnotic performance coaching and mentoring in management, which he has initiated in the finance sector.

The Masters that he called the architects of his success:

 Mr. William Lee Rand | Prof. Kevin Lane Keller | Mr. Donald Robertson | Dr. Assen Alladin | Dr. Michael Newton | Dr. John Butler | Mr. Antony Robins | Mr. Thomas J. Leonard | Master Hypnotist Gil Boyne | Dr.Richard Wayne Bandler | Dr. Philip Kotler | Mr. Brain Tracy | Mr. Donald Trump | Hiroshi Doi Sensei | Mr.Robert Kiyosaki |  Mr. Tony Buzan
Nowadays, Elibol provides training in his own areas of expertise, especially in the European Union Parliament and the British Parliament and carries out performance coaching of many of the world’s leading leaders and leading institutions.

The International Coaching Federation ICF Credential-holder as Master Certified Coach (MCC) Fatih Elibol is among one of the best executive coaches in the world and he conducts special training programs and mentorships for Professional coaches who want to be one of the best and those who want to progress towards being a professional coach.

Program Description: Holistic Life & Business Coaching Diploma Program Vision;

To train professional coaches by providing holistic training in the field of coaching.

Holistic Life & Business Coaching Diploma Program Mission:

To provide high quality training by constantly following the recent updates in the field of coaching.

To enable individuals to gain awareness both in their work and private lives through the trainings we provide.

To contribute to the advancement of the coaching profession globally.

To properly introduce ICF to every participant who has received training.

General goals of the Holistic Life & Business Coaching Diploma Program:

HLBCDP, offers its participants a total of 174 hours of diploma programme consisting of professionally developed compulsory courses and electives.

Our primer focus is to make sure that the participants gets familiar with the coaching field. Also, to make them learn the basic competencies of coaching and make them gain the

important skills of coaching.

Then, we aim to enable participants to acquire the specific skills and techniques necessary to coach other individuals more deeply into their lives.

With our team coaching module, we aim to set the right goal for the teams with the basic coaching knowledge and skills that we have in coaching and to ensure that the team achieves this goal.

With our Management coaching module, the personnel at all levels (blue collar – white collar) working in companies make all their business processes with a coaching perspective. We aim to bring together the corporate vision with the employees’ business vision at a common point.

With the help of the supervisor coach, we enable the coach who performs the coaching session to oversee his / her practices with the professional eye of an experienced coach.

The goal of this module is to ensure that an adequate, competent, experienced supervisor observes and evaluates the coaching process in terms of the knowledge and skills required for professional development in coaching.

In addition, it is within our program objectives to introduce the different coaching models in our training module and the individuals we train with new and different coaching models.

3. List of classes/modules/parts:

HLBCDP, offers its participants a total of 174 hours of diploma programme consisting of professionally developed compulsory courses and optional.

Details of the training program are as follows.


Module 1: Basic coaching knowledge and skills

Module 2: Certified Coaching

Module 3: Team Coaching

Module 4: Management Coaching

Practical Mentoring


Module 5: Coaching Supervision Training

Module 6: TA coaching

Module 7: Gestalt Coaching

Module 8: Sales Coaching

Module 9: Mentor Coaching Training
Organization: Fatih ELİBOL Live C&A
Esentepe Mah. Büyükdere Cad.
34330 Şişli
Phone: +908504417127
Student Contact: Fatih Elibol
Phone: +908504417127
Learning Method: Combination
Language: English, Turkish
Coaching Specialties: Career/Transition, Coaching Other Coaches, Creativity, Executive, Leadership, Personal/Organizational, Relationship
Approval Start Date: July 28, 2020 Accreditation Renewal Date: January 31, 2024
Locations: Turkey
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
United States
Wallis And Futuna
New York